Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cohen: @ zero latitude

Upon learning that we were headed to Ecuador as full-time missionaries, many people wondered what our thoughts were in raising a child here. Three weeks into our new life here and the question has now become "How is Cohen adjusting?"

Today may not be the greatest day to pose this question because our little ball of energy wants to do nothing more than be held or simply sleep. 

However, looking beyond his sickness, Cohen is doing better than I could have imagined. In just the short time we have been here, he has nearly doubled his Spanish vocabulary, adding words like "chao" and "gracias", along with increasing his English vocabulary. He knows how to melt my heart with "Love You" right before bedtime and how to make me laugh when he reads one of his favorite new books "Go Dogs Go Dogs Go Dogs Go Dogs GO!" (That's the whole book... cover to cover.)

He continues to be an incredibly social little boy and loves making friends. He gives hugs out like free money and when he spots another little human in a store or anywhere within eyesight, he just can't wait to go play with them and is still somewhat confused why they don't immediately want to be his best friend. I pray his outgoing and friendly personality never fades. 

 Another one of Cohen's best friends is his plush toy, "Ducky." It has become an essential for nap time or bed time since our first night here in Quito. We made it a rule that Ducky can not live the premises for fear that we may lose him and therefore lose precious sleep in the future.

Cohen also thinks the un-carpeted, tile/wood floors throughout our apartment are the best. It makes driving his cars around much easier. He zooms around the apartment uninhibited and as happy as can be!

As for bath time, Cohen is a little less certain about his new routine. Because the little guy loves to drink the bathwater by sucking on a wash cloth, splashing, or pouring water into his mouth from his toys, I am too nervous to let him take a bath in the water straight from the tap. So, I have been boiling two large pots of water, letting them cool, and then pouring them into the cute little bathtub we bought him. A process, but not too difficult. However, for some reason, Cohen is terribly afraid of the tiny inflatable tub and prefers to sit on a little stool while I give him a sponge bath. 

It doesn't look like we are raising the next Michael Phelps, but I am pleased to report that our "precioso" (as they like to call him at daycare) is a happy camper, wherever his crazy parents take him! 

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  1. how precious - thank you for this tour of Cohen's first weeks in Ecuador!